Go Green, Wear Blue – With Conscious Denim at H&M

As a part of H&M’s long-term commitment to a more sustainable fashion industry, they will be launching the Conscious Denim collection by October 2nd.

From skinny jeans to boyfriend cuts for women, to denim jackets and wool coats for men, the overall aesthetic of the collection has a modern feel and is available in deep indigo tones. H&M has also used Spanish denim consultants Jeanologia’s criteria to be able to set the best standards for the sustainable fashion items.

“We’re so excited about Conscious Denim at H&M. We’ll be available to reduce the environmental impact from the washing processes, along with using materials that are more sustainable. The collection is filled with great pieces, and proves how sustainability can equal great style,” says Helena Helmersson, Head of Sustainability for H&M.

The new Conscious Denim range will feature a Clever Care label and will include pieces for both adults and children in more than 1,000 stores for women and 700 stores for men worldwide. We loved the previous Conscious Collection, and H&M’s commitment to bring about positive change in an industry that all to often overlooks environmental and community damage in the name of profits. We can’t wait to add a few items from this new collection to our wardrobes!

Photo Credit: hotbeautyhealth.com

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