We Interview Canadian Pop Sensation Kristina Maria

… you will have the few oddballs that are like ‘woah, where did she get that outfit from?’ and I don’t care, I just rock me.

We met up with pop sensation Kristina Maria while she was in Toronto for her performance during World Pride 2014. We were excited to chat with the singer about her show in Toronto, her latest album and, of course, her fashion style!

If you don’t already know Kristina Maria, then it’s time to turn on a radio! Her debut album was nominated for Pop Album of the Year and her second album, which includes the catchy ‘Move Like a Soldier’ and the new summer anthem ‘Where the Sun Don’t Shine’, has already been well received by critics and fans alike.

We met Kristina at her hotel in downtown Toronto, taking a break from sound checks and vocal warm ups, we were eager to ask the singer about her personal style. We’ve seen photos and music videos that show her wearing an array of styles and trends, from casual to cocktail formal, and we were interested to meet the girl behind the versatile wardrobe.

You would expect someone with such growing success, at such a young age, to have that ‘I’m better than you’ attitude. This was not the case with Kristina at all! She is very down to earth and humbled by her success; something which is very apparent after just a few minutes of speaking with her. Off the record, we chatted about our favourite fashion trends and moments, family life and shared a few laughs. We turned the recorder on, and are pleased to bring you our interview with Kristina Maria below.

1. What are you most excited about this World Pride?
You know what, the performance, because I performed at Winnipeg Pride last year and it was the most incredible feeling because it was just good vibes everywhere and everybody is there just to have fun. It was this fun and amazing positive atmosphere and I am so excited for it. I had an interview with Proud FM, and everything was going on around there on Wellesley Street. I was just walking around and the festival wasn’t even happening yet but everyone was walking around on the street and it was incredible and you could feel the positive energy. That makes me even more excited to perform tonight.

2. How would you describe your personal day to day style?
My personal style changes a lot to be honest. You will find me in my combat boots and my leather jacket, which you must always own; a leather jacket is a must. I shop a lot here in Toronto in the little boutiques here on Queen St. and King St which I absolutely love and that’s why it changes so much.

3. Do you dress differently depending on where you are touring and singing?
Not really, unless it’s a weather situation. I’m from Ottawa, and it’s a government town and everybody is so serious, and you will have the few oddballs that are like “woah, where did she get that outfit from?” and I don’t care, I just rock me. I wear whatever I want to wear.

4. What’s the one piece of clothing that you absolutely love?
Oh my god, just one! That is so hard. OK, every girl should own a little black dress, mine is from BCBG, and it is so simple and you can dress it up and dress it down. You can wear it with sweet heels or pair it with a leather jacket and your combat boots and look really chill, and that’s what I love about a little black dress. That’s a really hard question!

5. Is there anything that you have to bring with you when you are travelling?
It my good luck, it’s my little Chewbacca. My best friend gave it to me for my birthday a long time ago and I feel like it’s brought me so much luck and I have never travelled anywhere with it.

6. Today you are wearing some beautiful gold jewelry, do you like to interchange between gold and silver, or is gold your go-to?
Yes, although I don’t really have a preference. I’m really simple when it comes to jewelry, and it always depends on the outfit. On a regular day I always wear a Tiffany’s set and my mom’s ring, which is for a classic chillax day and on other days I love chunky necklaces, because I think they make a statement. I have my stylist, Matty, and she picks out some really cool pieces for me, whether its clothes or jewelry, she’s amazing.

7. Would you be open if your stylist brought you something that was out of the box or something you haven’t worn before, would you still give it a shot?
Yes, absolutely. I do say to her “I don’t know about that”, but then I end up trying it on anyways and either I like it or I hate it but 99% of the time I love it. She knows what she is doing and she knows me so well. She cuts everything and does everything herself and I’m just like ‘how do you know my body so well?’ My outfits for tonight’s performance are all by her and they are incredible.

8. Are there any stores that you have to go to when you are shopping?
I feel like H&M is my weakness. I think it’s every girl’s weakness. It must be the music they play and then you are dancing your way in there. It’s a hit or miss, I do always go in there but it is a hit or miss.

9. Any favourite designers or shows that you love to wear?
The shoes are Steve Madden, they are always the most comfortable shoes for me. I can buy them in any colour, and style and they will always be comfortable for me, even on stage. Any other shoes and I wouldn’t be able to walk in them.

10. At home are you more of a dress-up girl or are you more into sweats and sneakers?
I like Pyjamas and my dad’s big old comfy t-shirts. They are so comfortable. No matter who you are, when you come over you will find me in pajamas, slippers and a big old comfortable shirt.

11. Have your parents ever said anything about your style, on stage or off?
It’s funny because I come from a Middle Eastern family, but we are so easy-going and it’s so amazing. It was like two years ago and my mom said to me that this low-cut is a little too much, but my dad said if you got it you flaunt it. I was like Dad is that you? I did get a lot of style from my mom and she is my momager, and she has the cutest style. She steals my clothes. I asked for a lock for my walk-in closet for Christmas, because there are too many things missing and I’m never home for me to know but I know. I colour coordinate everything and something will be out place. She will put the pants with the skirts.

You can find more information on Kristina Maria, her music and upcoming tour information on her website kristinamariamusic.com. You can listen to her latest single ‘Where The Sun Don’t Shine’ below!


Photos:  kristinamariamusic.com

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