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We recently asked readers to review a new product, the Edge Sensitive Pro Relief. We sent the readers a can of the Edge Sensitive Pro Relief and asked them to try it out and let us know what they think. The response we received was impressive. As more and more reviews came in, we wanted to share some of them with you!


From Darwin –

The lather was thick which allowed me to cover the area I wanted to shave, very well. I liked the scent and so did my wife. She is usually very sensitive to smell, but she didn’t mind me using this product at all. I had no problems shaving with this gel. My shave was easy, smooth and clean. My wife commented how soft my skin was after the shave, which is always a plus for me. I didn’t experience any razor burns or cuts. I would definitely buy this product in the future.

From Jeannie –

My husband and I both had the opportunity to try the new Edge Sensitive Pro Relief shave gel for about a week. I used the gel on my legs and I loved how it lathered…THICK! I didn’t experience any cuts or nicks and my skin felt so soft and smooth afterwards.
My husband tried the shaving gel and really liked it. The scent was light and allowed him to get a very close and clean shave with no cuts or burns. His skin felt extremely soft after the shave. We both highly recommend this shave gel to anyone (man or woman) who’s looking for soft skin after a shave.

From Angie –

I recently tested out the Edge Sensitive pro relief shave gel and it left my skin very smooth and razor burn free. I noticed there was a very light scent and the shave gel went on very smooth. I got no nicks or cuts and my skin was not irritated after shaving

From Jonnie –

My husband and I both tried the Edge Sensitive Pro Relief. We found it did an excellent job of protecting and moisturizing our skin. The gel lathers into a thin layer that stays where you put it. It doesn’t get runny or too foamy. A little goes a long way! My legs were left feeling soft and smooth with no nicks. My husband says it did a great job of softening his whiskers, making them easier to shave and he had zero burn after shaving. We were both really impressed with this product!

From Angela –

My husband and I both tested the Edge Sensitive Pro Relief shave gel. My husband found the smell pleasant and not too strong and thought it lathered generously. He has sensitive skin and it did not irritate his skin at all. He says that he will definitely consider purchasing Edge Sensitive Pro Relief gel in the future.

I absolutely loved the smell of this shave gel. It smells more natural and less chemical like than a lot of other gels I’ve tried. I’m guessing it’s the oat kernal flour that makes it smell so nice. I also found it left my legs feeling moisturized and didn’t irritate my skin. I will definitely be buying it.

From Suzi –

I just received Edge Shave Gel Sensitive Pro Relief earlier this week and it couldn’t have come at a better time! With the warmth of summer FINALLY appearing in Ontario, I have to admit that I kidnapped the Edge Shave Gel so I could shave my legs! I have sensitive skin and I always find that shave gels (no matter what brand or type) irritates my skin. That’s why I was excited to try Edge Shave Gel Sensitive Pro Relief to see if it could make my legs happy!

I discovered that with Edge Shave Gel Sensitive Pro Relief, a little goes a long way, which I appreciate! It lathers up really well. It felt good on my skin and came off easily when shaving with little residue (something else that made me happy).

And the result? Amazingly smooth skin! My legs felt great; there was no irritation and I got a really close shave.

So while Edge Shave Gel Sensitive Pro Relief isn’t traditionally made for shaving legs, it has made mine happy and I’m a convert now!

From Amy –

I received a can of Edge Sensitive Pro Relief shave gel to test. I am use to using female shaving gels so it was interesting to test a male shave gel. The shave gel has a gender neutral almond scent which was quite pleasant. The gel itself comes out clear and then turns to a white foam when rubbed into the skin. The gel comes out of the can effortlessly and evenly. I found the gel to be much thicker, richer and creamier than female shave gel. I think it made for a more comfortable and moisturized shave. I shaved my arm pits and legs with this gel and was pleased how easily the razor glided over my skin with no nicks at all. The areas I shaved felt soft and moisturized. Overall, I really enjoyed using this shave gel and would definitely recommend it to both males and females to use for their shaving needs.

From Andrea –

My husband actually had a meeting this morning, so he got right to shaving last night (he does not generally shave every day). He has thick, coarse hair and he had not shaved in almost two weeks, so he had a small beard going on. The first thing I noticed was the scent. I personally am allergic to fragrances/scents and that includes products my husband uses. I am allergic to his deodorant for instance, and I react to the smells of his shaving creams as well. I didn’t react to the Edge Sensitive Pro Relief shave gel at all, and in fact I liked the light soft fragrance. It was not at all overwhelming like most products made for men. My husband had never used a shave gel before, only shaving cream, so he was curious how the gel would lather up and compare. He was happy at the lather, saying it actually lathered better than any shaving cream he had ever used. He liked that he received a really nice close shave, with zero cuts and no razor burn whatsoever, including on his neck. After shaving, his face felt smooth and soft. He also told me his face felt moisturized, almost like he had used some sort of lotion. The Edge Sensitive definitely gets my seal of approval, and my husband says that he has now found his new shave gel, and that I am to buy this one from now on. Thank you so much for the chance to test (and love) the new Edge shave gel! We’re sold!

Thanks for everyone who submitted their reviews and the winner of our Edge contest is reader Suzi H. We will be in contact soon!

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