Zoo Jeans – Ripped and distressed by lions, tigers and bears!

Coming from Japan is Zoo Jeans, specially designed jeans ripped with the help of a few of mother nature’s wildest and most dangerous animals.

Lions and Tigers and Bears…oh my!

The distressed denim is sold under the label ‘Zoo Jeans’ and we simply love the idea behind them! Zoo Jeans is the initiative of the ‘Mineko Club’ volunteer group of zoo supporters, launched in collaboration with Kamine Zoo in Hitatchi City, with the goal of reviving the local zoo. The founder of the ‘Mineko Club’ is an avid animal lover and visited the zoo frequently as a young boy.

The concept for the jeans is quite simple. The volunteers took the animals usual play things (tires, giant rubber balls, etc.) and covered them with raw denim. After placing the toys in the cage the animals were let loose and, as you can see from the video below, immediately began clawing, biting and playing. After the animals were done, the volunteers removed the denim sheets and began crafting the jeans. The wild rips and tears in the Zoo Jeans were created with pure animal instinct!

The group has begun auctioning off three pairs of the jeans – one created by tigers, one by lions, and another by bears. As we write this article the bidding for the jeans continues to climb and are selling for over $1200 CDN a pair. In keeping with the theme of animal welfare, all the proceeds from the auction will be going to support the World Wildlife Fund.

Have a look at the pictures below and watch the video of how they’re made. We would love to own a pair of Zoo Jeans. What about you?

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