16 Fragrances to Try This Fall

Ah, that moment of buying the perfume that fits you like a glove; it beats by far any other style investment! There is no shiny dress or fancy shoe that will make a stronger statement than a signature scent. It is now scientifically proven that the nose “knows” best, so you should really start with the fragrance when dressing to impress.

The Trendsetter
If you have that rare flair to spot a trend from miles away, it means you have probably already tried on the edgy prints and styles of the upcoming fall season. Plush furs, a blanket coat or culottes trousers? Been there done that, you’ll say. As for the suitable scent to enhance your cool style: think of unconventional notes such as amber, ginger or leather topped with rich floral essences.

Our choices: Supra Floral by Thierry Mugler, Balenciaga L’Eau Rose, Sunny Alice by Vivienne Westwood or Éclat d’Arpege Arty by Lanvin.

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