The Essential Glamping Guide

what do bring camping if ive never been

What is more refreshing for a city bee than some quality time spent outdoors? Well, up until recently, camping in the wild sounded like a horror story, and not because of genre fiction. Leaving city comforts and carrying heavy tents and kitchen ware, not to mention making a campfire, are best left for reality TV and not something you want to brag about. The good news for those who share these camping phobias is a brilliant global trend that has emerged in the recent years, where deluxe canvas tents and log cabins, equipped with everything you need, wireless internet included, awaits urban dwellers to rediscover nature, without missing a moment to share on Instagram.

This blessed upgrade on camping and experiential travel has a name, too: it is called glamping (short for glamorous camping) where preassembled spacious tents, cabins and dreamy tree houses provide resort level comfort along with all sorts of fun activities. You just have to book the camping site and pack light; and by all means, don’t forget the mosquito spray!

Packing list for her: it’s time you put to good use all those travel gadgets that sit quietly in your closet, like the smartphone charging device, in case of socket shortage, or the thermal mug with a cute print. A medium backpack is the best option here, reminds you that you’re camping even if in snug style. Throw in some soft layers, your chic Wellies and be prepared for the best selfies ever.


Packing list for him: maybe ready-made camping sites aren’t your dream come true and you want to offer your sweetheart your own version of glamping. Go ahead and pack your high-end lightweight easy-to-assemble tent but don’t expect much assistance. Also, look for a weather-resistant coat, put on some HD music and be prepared for anything.



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