Top Prints & Patterns of the Fall 2014 Season

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What’s in style for fall and winter this year? Fashionable prints!

Not so long ago a, first-rate fashion magazine article was stating that prints are singing their last song this season. We presume that the editor was foreseeing the start of the Normcore trend and while minimalist looks are a big hit this fall, saying that prints will disappear from the fashion scene is like saying we will never see the return of flip flops in the summer.

Looking at what’s in stores, and taking a sneak peek at future fashion trends, we can say that prints and patterns will live a lengthy, joyous life along with the ever creative imagination of designers. In their quest for delivering unique and covetable products, designers are always evolving new prints by taking inspiration from an ever expanding list: artistic, folkloric, botanical, wild fauna, nature and city landscapes, and classical patterns. Since we’re living in the technology age, these prints are often digitally deconstructed and modernized with surreal blur effects, revived vintage textiles and mixed prints of all the above. The use of prints doesn’t stop at clothes, either: houndstooth handbags, tartan shoes, tapestry hats are just a fraction of this season’s visual richness.

Try mixing prints together or wear one stand-out piece such as a printed pair of pants or a printed blazer to re-invent the basic office casual outfits. Adding a print to an outfit is a great way to add visual appeal, texture and personality within your wardrobe and by choosing just a few pieces to buy you can re-invent your wardrobe without spending money on a whole new wardrobe! Take a look at our favourite prints of the season so far.

The floral prints of Fall/Winter 2014 are bold, bright colored on a dark background or digitally manipulated with blurred finishes. Novelty print use: stylized roses on jackets and coats, intarsia designs on knitted sweaters.

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