Jessie Cruickshank wins National Handbag Day

It’s National Handbag Day and social media feeds are filled with photos of people clutching their favourite handbag.

We’ve seen a lot of photos, double tapped on Instagram and seen more bags that we love but had to stop when we saw Jessie Crucikshank’s Instagram holding the Jimmy Choo TTC design of their popular Candy clutch. Featuring a map of the Toronto Transit’s Subway system, this bag has been coveted by many since the announcement that Jimmy Choo would only sell a very limited number.

Since we are from Toronto we have to say Jessie Cruickshank, who’s been one of our fashion favourites for a while, wins National Handbag Day for us!


It’s the most important holiday of the year! #NationalHandbagDay ! I’m celebrating with my loved one- a limited edition @JimmyChooltd #TTC clutch from @yorkdalestyle. #Toronto

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Jessie, who is currently hosting CBC television’s Canada’s Smartest Person, has always been a style favourite of ours. From gaining a lot of attention for her killer style while hosting shows on MTV Canada, Jessie has grown to become one the best known Canadian television personalities and her fashion game hasn’t skipped a beat.

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