Need a quick Halloween costume idea?

Deciding what to wear on Halloween night is a pretty hard decision. After making arrangements and plans to celebrate on October 31st (which falls on a Friday night for 2014!), picking a costume can sometimes cause last minute panic for those who leave it until the week before.

Picking an outfit takes creativity, imagination, and a ton of confidence. Do you choose to go as a “Sexy” something or scary monster? How much time do you want to put into getting ready? Also, the dreaded question for those who live in a colder October climate like in Toronto, will you have to wear a winter coat?

The easiest way to pick a Halloween outfit is to start with one consistent theme and a standout prop to complete the look. That’s why we love the Halloween aisles of Target Canada. Lots of choices and supplies, from costume ideas to decorations, all for a good price. Target also released a great limited-edition collection just for Halloween.

Target collaborated with fashion and costume designer Chris March to create another exclusive line of larger-than-life Halloween accessories. These are perfect if you’re stuck for a Halloween solution, but you’d better hurry if you see something you like. Halloween is only a few days away.


 See more from the Chris March for Target Halloween collection by clicking the image below:

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