Patrick Assaraf Opens First Flagship Location in Toronto

Luxury menswear label Patrick Assaraf opened its first flagship location on October 2nd in midtown Toronto. The Patrick Assaraf label is know for its luxury basics that are designed for the modern, refined gentleman. The brand’s philosophy is simple: men should be able to sport casual wear without looking sloppy. Amen to that!

From his Toronto-based studio, designer and company founder Patrick Assaraf creates timeless staple pieces with his signature 30-guage cashmere, ultra-light Zegna Baruffa merino wool, and t-shirt approved super-soft Peruvian cotton. We have a few Partrick Assaraf shirts and can say they are super comfortable and soft as well as having an amazing fit and scream quality. The basic shirts are pricier than fast-fashion chains, but the quality that goes into a Patick Assaraf piece will keep it lasting for years to come and simply feels better on your skin.

The new flagship space is designed to evoke core values of classic modernity, attention to detail, fine materials and is merchandised with simplicity in mind. You can visit the newly opened Patrick Assaraf store at 392 Eglinton Ave. West, which is part of the TNT complex. For more information on the Patrick Assaraf label you can visit


  1. Having already been available at Harry Rosen locations, premium casual menswear label, Patrick Assaraf has now opened their flagship store at 392 Eglinton Avenue West.

  2. Proof again that a no talent wannabee designer can open a store and sell basic teeshirts if you marry a billionaires daughter. What a joke, the clothes are copies of last years stock in other designers stores and he the buttons fall off the shirts the first week you wear them. Cheap quality and overpriced for product made overseas with slave labor paid a dollar a day. Hate the guy and his store, reputation for being a creep and cheap. Anyone else making such garbage and treating people like garbage would be bankrupt but his wifes daddy needed to find him a job because nobody else would hire him. If you see his lips moving you know he is lying, such a miserable person!!

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