OBEY Celebrates it’s 25th Anniversary with a Limited Edition Collection

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the first OBEY sticker from the lifestyle brand OBEY which was started by Shepard Fairey. To mark the anniversary, Shepard has created a capsule collection featuring the influential graphics that have inspired and shaped the OBEY brand over the years.
In 1989, a then nineteen year old Shepard designed an OBEY sticker that catapulted him into the spotlight. From there OBEY has grown into a large scale project acting as a vehicle for Fairey’s art, commentary and a little mischief.  

 When I made the first OBEY sticker in 1989 I never thought I was beginning a project that would inspire and permeate most of my art career for the next 25 years and counting.

“At 19 I had no idea what I would be doing a week later much less a decade or two. Putting up stickers was fun and that was enough to get the ball rolling. The act of getting out there for the journey without a brilliant plan or destination opened my eyes to the world as a participant and not a voyeur. Part of the success of OBEY Giant has been its organic evolution based on my constant dialogue with the public and broadening my perspective through my experiences.” said Shepard Fairey.


Since its introduction, OBEY products have found their way into the closets of millions around the world. The lifestyle brand has grown since the humble beginnings and has attracted a devoted following that feel inspired by the brand’s story and love the continued quality of the products. We’ve loved the recent collections, including becoming obsessed with more than a few comfortable sweaters, and wish OBEY another successful 25 years!


You can see photos of the full collection below and for more information on the OBEY 25th anniversary you can click here – obeyclothing.ca

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