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The colder weather has arrived in Toronto and we have been trying to keep our fitness levels up during the colder months but it is becoming more difficult as the temperature drops below the freezing mark. We have been trying out running but the cold is getting to us and going to the gym still forces us outside to get to the gym.

We figured that the best option we had was to have a home gym setup but with our small condo, space was a big issue for us and thats when we were introduced to SPRI. SPRI is the leading manufacturer of rubberized resistance exercise products for the health and fitness industry. Simple, but effective method of strength training, toning and building lean muscle tissue. We have six products from SPRI that would be a great addition to any home gym, big or small.

The Toughest Resistance Cord For The Ultimate Workout

The Ignite™ Power Resistance Cord combines the strength of four resistance tubes to give users the ultimate workout. The tubes are braided into a dynamic strength-conditioning tool, which connects securely to the handle making it the toughest on the market at 4X resistance from a single cord. Built for repeated use in any training environment, these cords deliver exceptional durability and performance. Rubber sleeves help maintain original resistance and extensibility over time. MRSP: Medium (20-45lbs) $29.99, Heavy (25-55lbs) $32.99, Extra Heavy (30-65lbs) $34.99. Available at Target.



A Sport Accessory With Your Health In Mind

An essential massage tool for before and after workouts, the SPRI Dynamic Recovery 18” Sports Performance Massager is dedicated to your performance health. Geared to reduce cramping and fatigue, speed recovery time and improve overall performance, this massager is a crucial accessory to your exercise routine. Created from a durable plastic, the Sports Performance Massager is waterproof and easy to clean. MRSP: $29.99. Available at Target.




The Essential Hand Weight For Any Workout

Engineered to last, the Hex Hand Weight presents superior durability that is perfect for at home or studio use this fall season. The solid rubber handles give it professional performance grip, while protecting flooring and enhancing appearance. It is easy to clean for frequent use and reduces noise to keep your workout peaceful. MRSP: 8lb: $19.99 10lb: $24.99 12lb: $29.99 15lb:$34.99 20lb: $39.99. Available at Target.



Premium Quality And Convenience In A Suspension-Training Tool

Boasting professional-grade durability and lightweight portability, the SPRI IgniteTM Gravity Trainer is unsurpassed as a suspension-training tool. It leverages body weight to aid in increasing core strength, endurance, flexibility and balance while building lean muscle. The Gravity Trainer conveniently anchors to any door, making at-home training possible. The four-point anchoring system adjusts simply to accommodate a wide range of exercises and difficulty levels. MRSP: $34.99. Available at Target.

Security And Comfort In A Serious Fitness Mat

The key component to a serious fall fitness program, the SPRI Ignite™ Fitness Mat is comfortable, secure and durable. It includes a Stretch Strap and Exercise Guide to keep you in check during your workout. A 15mm thick, closed-cell padding delivers cushioning during toning exercises, abdominal work, deep stretching sessions and Pilates. Feel secure as the no-slip texture keeps feet firmly and safely planted for optimal balance. A Nylon stretch strap is included to help deepen stretches and improve flexibility. The Ignite™ Fitness Mat is an essential addition to the perfect fall workout. MRSP: $39.99. Available at Target.




The Perfect Fitness Companion Before, During And After A Workout

The SPRI Dynamic Recovery 18” High Density Foam Roller is built to increase flexibility, improve muscle balance, lengthen muscles and release tension in any workout. This multi-faceted roller provides firm support for all body types, is built to hold up to the most rigorous training and facilitates post-exercise recovery. The 18” size is ideal for single-arm, single-leg or lower-back work. Use before workouts to activate the body’s circulation and muscle readiness to reduce soreness, ensuring a safe and efficient exercise routine. An exercise guide is included to help you get the most out of your High Density Foam Roller. MRSP: $29.99. Available at Target.


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