Want to make a shoe ? The Art and Sole Academy is for you.

We have covered fashion schools in Canada on the site before, but we love when new learning institutions pop up and this is one we never thought of!  A new shoemaking school right here in Toronto.

The Art & Sole Academy is the first shoemaking school in Canada to offer classes and workshops for those interested in learning the art of shoemaking. The Academy was founded by Canadian designer and shoemaker Jennifer Allison in 2014 with the goal in mind to make shoemaking accessible to a general audience.

Jennifer has developed a unique teaching technique that has opened the door to anyone with an interest in footwear to make their own shoes by hand, without any industrial machinery. Within each workshop students will be guided through the design process from start to finish and will learn how to design footwear from both a creative and technical perspective. This a great idea for anyone who has wanted to try to design their own pair of shoes or is interest in learning about the skills and craftsmanship that goes into developing footwear. There are classes for both adults and for kids.

They will be teaching a series of shoe making workshops throughout the month of December and January in Toronto and you can get more information on the website here – artandsoleacademy.com


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