6 lip balms we love for winter

Winter can be a hard time for our skin.

As much as we all try to bundle up for protection against the cold, howling winds, much of our face bares the brunt of the frosty weather. Let’s face it, our skin goes through a lot in the winter season. Dry and warm air inside and cold air everywhere else, wreaking havoc on our skin.

Lip balms are the absolute best way to prevent your lips from chapping, cracking and general dryness during the winter.

We have lip balms all over our house, offices and one in every jacket we own. We’ve tested a lot (and we mean a lot!) of lip treatments over the years. Below we have listed 6 of our all time must haves.

 LIP TIP : Save open lip balms (ones that you need to use your finger) for at-home use. This will help you avoid contaminating the lip balm or from using a germy finger. Keep tube lip balms at work or other public places.


LIP TIP : Don’t forget about a little SPF for those lips! Winter weather already poses a number of unique skin care challenges. Sun damage should not be one of them.

Have a favourite lip balm for the winter? Tell us about below!

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