CLOSED : CONTEST : The Toronto Is Fashion Days of Giveaways Day 11 – The Honest Leaf

We are giving you one more giveaway! The Honest Leaf is a line of wellness teas that help to support a healthy body system. Sip your way towards a healthier YOU! A wellness loose leaf tea line created by a holistic nutritionist Shelby Kroach, it’s perfect for after the holidays to get you back on track to achieve your health goals. A favourite of our team, the teas helps support various systems in the body and it is organic and uses all natural ingredients- no artificial flavours, sugars, sweeteners or additives.
The Honest leaf is providing three bags of tea in a gift basket. Sip your way towards a healthier you with The Honest Leaf wellness teas. This holiday season, escape to a SERENE environment, FRESHen up your health and DETOX from a wild night out.

Serene: 70g, caffeine free
Fresh: 100g, caffeine free
Detox: 100g, caffeine free
Toronto Is Fashion Giveaway The Honest Leaf

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  1. I love a good cup of hot tea as a way to relax and with four kids and a full-time career, I definitely need those few moments!

  2. Because I don’t drink coffee only tea and I need all three I need to feel fresh not exhausted, I need serene, not stress and I need a good detox from chocolate

  3. I don’t drink coffee– only tea and I’ve never tried this brand before so I’d love to see what they’re all about:)

  4. Because I’m also honest (to a fault) and I love having a nice cup of tea at night after the kids are in bed as part of my me time/calm down time before bed. I would love to try this tea out and see how it tastes!

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