CLOSED : CONTEST : The Toronto Is Fashion Days of Giveaways Day 3 – Tuck Shop Trading Co.

On the third day of Christmas…

It’s our third day of giveaways on Toronto Is Fashion and we’ve teamed up with amazing Toronto based brand Tuck Shop Trading Co. to keep you warm this winter! Were giving away the men’s Cottage Coat, a piece we both love and wanted to share with one of our readers.

Made exclusively in downtown Toronto, the beauty of this coat incorporates the tradition of its overall classic look, but the coat features updated tailoring and quality fabrics.

As classic as the song ’12 Days of Christmas’, the heritage look continues to be in style each year in menswear. Given added luxury, the jacket features a leather back panel and elbow reinforcement, along with a chambray lining. More than great-looking fabrics, these materials help with durability and longevity.

To make this heritage-inspired jacket, Tuck Shop Trading Co. uses the best made from beautiful Woolrich or MacAusland’s wool. This is a piece that will be handed down to generations to come.

UPDATE: The jacket was previously  listed as the Buffalo Check Cottage Coat but it is the MacAuslands Strip coat.


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Tuck Shop Trading Co. is like a modern trading post or tuck shop; a place where you will find luxurious necessities. Canada has a rich history in the fur trade and trading posts were an integral part of our country’s early economy. By romanticizing that idea to present day, they have designed a line of heritage inspired clothing for men and women.


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