Design your own clothing using city maps

design your own clothing website

Showcasing your hometown pride has never been easier, or more fashionable.

We came across the site, Monochome, recently. The site allows users to choose city maps to design their own unique piece of clothing.

Users can choose from a selection of clothing, choose a map from anywhere they want showcased and you can adjust the placement of the design until you’re satisfied. Below is one we created using the downtown Toronto map.

design your own t shirt online using street map

Created by Rachel Binx, a data visualizer who has previously worked on things like the MTV VMAs and has clients like Oprah, the designer owns Monochome and a unique 3D printed jewellery design company.

Some rush orders can still be placed for holiday gift giving or you can make something just for you. Prices range from $45-$85 USD and the company ships globally.
design your own clothing online


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