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No matter how many times fashion has changed over the years, no matter which accessories have been chic or in vogue, an integral component of men’s fashion has always been the wristwatch. Even today, in a world dominated by cell phones and other technology, the position of the watch in the wardrobe has not changed. Society is based on face value and surface beauty, and the 21 century is all about outdoing your peers. That said, what you wear and how you carry yourself could decide your social standing, and your watch could be the final piece in the puzzle which may help you discover that killer instinct.
Kill the Competition, Choose the Perfect Timepiece
There is an overwhelming array of choices which will completely bamboozle you and make you question your very existence on this planet unless you are able to narrow down your choices through some smart shopping. Killer looks aren’t built in a day.

  • Luxury watches or Haute Horlogerie are perfect for connoisseurs who would like to exude an air of authority and class without saying a word. If price is no object, and brilliance is your desire, you have a huge variety of luxury watches to choose from.
  • If you enjoy being flashy and take pride in your tastes, you could go for gold or silver watches embossed with diamonds and other precious stones.
  • If you desire precision, go for a quartz watch, which needs no setting or tuning, and is activated by a Quartz crystal, or even a chronograph, which offers a stopwatch and a number of dials for minutes, seconds and milliseconds for precise readings.
  • If you are intrigued by machines and mechanical concepts, go for an analogue or mechanical watch which you can wind by yourself using the crown, or even a self-winding automatic watch.
  • If you are an athlete or a diver, you could go for Marine watches, water-resistant watches or even extremely sturdy weather and condition-proof option like a Casio G-Shock.
  • There are a number of watches designed for specific purposes, like Pilot or Aviator watches, with special functions inbuilt to make your job easier.

Your Watch Reflects Your Personality

Any fashion mogul will be able to tell you that it is quite possible to draw up a complete mental impression or profile of a person just by looking at what they wear. A watch is no exception to this rule, and your taste and choices in this department go a long way in telling the world who you really are inside. If you are not a bold person, someone who appreciates beauty but would not like to scream out and declare his presence in a crowd, you would most generally go for a watch with a small dial, minimalistic design, which radiates a classy, elegant look. If you have young blood surging through your veins, or are a vivacious person who indulges in quirky yet smart fashion trends, you are most likely to choose larger watches with bold designs, bright colors and a number of different form factors. You could visit trusted websites like http://www.essential-watches.com/ to check out the incredible range of watches available.

Enhance Your Style with Killer Watches from Top Brands
The brand of your watch speaks a lot about your social status, lifestyle, and personality. Some of the premium brands have come up with a plethora of killer watches that not only steal the show but leave behind a grand impression.


  • Patek Phillipe: A Patek Philllipe, considered as the highest member of the luxury watch echelon, is not only a sign of affluence and class, but also a mark of authority, perfectionism, and an indomitable attitude. It is really a fine choice for a man who wishes to exude class wherever he goes.

  • Rolex: A Rolex definitely shows the world that you are well-off. There are several types of Rolexes. You could go for the incredibly classy, yet not so flashy model, and let the watch speak for itself. It is important that you let the watch do the talking, as boasting will definitely lead to social abomination.

  • Casio: If you are wearing a Casio Pathfinder or one of the more casual offerings by the brand, you come off as a vibrant person who loves spending time outdoors, be it for sporting or just strolling. If, however, a G-Shock, one of the most sturdy and brilliant digital timepieces is your weapon of choice, make sure you never wear it with a suit, as you can look both incredibly stupid and incredibly pretentious at the same time. The G-Shock has been built for the men who spend a lot of time outdoors, as a device which is resilient and able to face rough weather conditions and other physical impedances as well.

  • Swatch & Timex: If you are a person who appreciates history and who wishes for his watch to have a deep emotional value along with a style factor, you should definitely opt for Swatch or Timex, A Swatch is dynamic, and shows many aspects of your character, including your being a fun-loving person, and also a history buff. They go incredibly well with just about any clothing, and you will never look odd or out of place with this adorning your wrist. A Timex shows your appreciation for style as well as a belief in America and its values, as Timex is an all-American brand with a deep and wonderful history.

  • Omega: Omega remains till today the traditional manufacturer of premium and prestige mechanical watches that offer reliability and long-term accuracy. The Seamaster Planet Ocean and Omega de Ville Co-Axial Rattrapante are among their finest offerings.

Find Your Calling at a Premium Store

Having contemplated and explored the tremendous number of options available to you, and having narrowed down the huge list to a few candidates, you must be wondering where to go to purchase the device which will be your soul mate for a considerable part of your life. You should visit a store which eats, drinks, sleeps and thinks watches, like Essential Watches. It is a huge watch emporium dedicated to selling the best watches of all types at the best prices, located in Beverly Hills. They specialize in sales and consignment, trade-ins, sale of new and used watches from Rolex and several other premium brands, and take pride in their tremendous variety of German and Swiss watches. They will definitely help you find the best watches which will help you stand out from the rest. This could be the real treasure house of watches.

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