New York Fashion Week evicted after court order

One of the biggest fashion events in the world is about to be evicted.

Its confirmed that Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week is being forced to leave Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park after its February 2015 shows, due to a court order to vacate the space.

The plaintiffs in the case – various community groups – argued that Fashion Week and other events held there violated the New York State Public Trust Doctrine, which states that city-owned spaces cannot be privatized or used for exclusive, monetary gains.

The semiannual event, which has been at the Lincoln Center since leaving Bryant Park four years ago, is still in the works of finding a new home to put it’s runway.

New York’s former mayor Michael Bloomberg has suggested that the event could eventually move to Culture Shed, an under-construction event space that is part of the Hudson Yards development on the far west side of Manhattan. The six-story building, however, isn’t slated to be open until 2018.


The Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park, a public space that saw countless trees and plants destroyed for the fashion events, will see it’s return as a public green space for citizens. As part of the pre-trial settlement, all the plants that were destroyed must be replanted.

‘We’re going to get flowers and benches and there’s going to be a park again,’ said Olive Freud, the president of one of the groups who filed the lawsuit. ‘We’re all very happy here,’ she told the Daily Mail Uk.

We objected to the whole idea of demolishing a park and of throwing the public out and of making this a place for raising money. Private people aren’t supposed to be making money on it.

According to the Daily Mail Uk, of the more than 300 shows during the week, less than 100 were held at Lincoln Center in recent years. For a designer to rent the venue at Lincoln Center’s Fashion Week, the cost is between $15,000 and $60,000. Those costs – along with publicity, models, stylists, and a other expenses can add up to a staggering cost for only one show!

Where will the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week go after the next show in February 2015? Only time will tell, but where ever it goes, there will surely be a hoard of fashion bloggers waiting to get seats.


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