Going Global: Simons’ aggressive expansion plans

La Maison Simons is on a mission, and that is to conquer the rest of Canada. Banking on its 175-year success, the family-owned, Quebec-based specialty retailer has its eyes set on Vancouver, Calgary, Missisauga, Ont., Ottawa and Gatineau, Que, beginning 2015 until the first quarter of 2017. This is very exciting news for us, as we have long been fans of La Maison Simons and love that we won’t have to trek to Montreal to visit their beautiful store.

The expansion is a bold and unprecedented move for Simons, despite its history and success as “the” retail institution in Quebec for many years. In most parts of Canada, the brand remains relatively unknown. Transitioning from a regional player to a global retail brand is no easy feat, especially with the growing competition. Yet CEO Peter Simons definitely sounds confident. This retail institution is all geared up to go head to head with the growing number of consumer options, both homegrown and foreign, in the retail industry.

He explains, “We had a vision of what we wanted to accomplish and be able to do in terms of design and innovation in retail, and I felt that we had to enlarge. We will be globally competitive in all of the core things”.

With a long list of designer products from established fashion houses like Versace, Kenzo and McQueen, the store also carries an impressive list of in-house labels that keep the shopping destination a unique place to visit. La Maison also offers online shopping, including shipping to the U.S.A., and you can visit their website by clicking one of the gift cards below.

Simons new store in Canada

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