Tyra Banks sued for $3 Million by former ANTM contestant

Tyra Banks lawsuit on Top Model

Miss Tyra Banks is under fire and on the hot seat.

The fierce supermodel, TV host and producer is being sued by former America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) contestant Angelea Preston to the tune of $3 million dollars!

In a lawsuit filed in a Los Angeles Superior Court, Preston names ANTM Executive Producer Tyra Banks and The CW network, crying breach-of-contract, wrongful disqualification and emotional distress. She alleges that on the reality show’s 17th season, she in fact made the final three, going so far as saying, “I was chosen as the winner.

The suit goes on to detail that as the winner, Preston was entitled to a $100,000 CoverGirl cosmetics contract and a Vogue Italia fashion spread. But she was unceremoniously disqualified because of her previous work as an escort. “They had to re-shoot the finale and choose another winner”.

Preston’s defence is, she did not break any of the show’s rules and regulations because her being an escort happened way before she entered the show. In a separate interview, she states, “I did indeed win Cycle 17… Basically, the reason it was taken away from me is hypocrisy.”

Clearly, Preston does not plan on holding back. Miss Banks, however, still has not released any statement regarding the matter.

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