Amazing clutches that don’t look like clutches!

Oh, the clutch.

One of the most beloved accessories in fashion history, the clutch has gone through some big transformations over the years. Ever since the clutch first made its way into the hands of the genteel ladies of the Victorian era, this smaller handbag has gone from necessity to high-fashion runways. Originally designed as a decorative bag for a lady to store her handkerchief and smelling salts and gained popularity as travel by railway boomed during the Industrial era.

Designs have ranged from ornate to simple but generally has remained the same size. Even the oldest clutch bag ever found, this 700 year old bag from the city of Mosul in Northern Iraq, was wonderfully decorative but also served an important purpose.

While designers have kept the clutch as a hot trend for the past few decades, the designs have certainly changed! Here are some the coolest clutches that look like they could be something else all together.

Music Inspired

music inspired fashion

Sweet Tooth

crazy food shape purse clutch hand bag fashion

Forbidden Fruits

clutch purse in shape of fruit

Ahead of the pack

best animal clutch hand bag


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