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Exhausted of having dental sessions and spending more than $600 just to whiten your teeth, but still not satisfied with the results? Smile Brilliant is now the solution for that dilemma and the result is 100 percent guaranteed.

For more than a decade, Smile Brilliant has been formulating effective cosmetic teeth whitening that do not ever require you to see a dentist. Its number one goal is to help customers worldwide to acquire that professional teeth whitening at a reasonable price.

Smile Brilliant has introduced three best products that have been formulated meticulously and tested by skilled lab technicians, which not only to give you the best results, but also peace of mind while using them:

1. Teeth whitening trays – No need to visit a dentist, as these are teeth whitening which are lab direct and custom-fitted. They are formed to exactly fit to your teeth both upper and lower. 70% savings from your dentist’s $500 price is not bad at all. These whitening trays are the same as what your dentist provides. In the package, you can get the following:
• Teeth Whitening Trays
• Carrying Case
Impression material
• Prepaid postage (3-Way – local orders and 2-way – international orders)
• Custom dental models (1 set)
• Professional teeth whitening gel
• 2 -year replacement warranty (teeth whitening tray)
• Comprehensive instructional brochure.


• Teeth Whitening Gel – This product is a perfect combination with the teeth whitening trays. It contains 22% of Carbamide Peroxide with “sticky gel” formula for even and best distribution and adhesion while you are in your whitening sessions. It also gives you fastest and desirable results. It comes in three different syringes that cost you much less than your dentist’s price. The gel is good for longer whitening sessions, depending on the quantity per syringe:
• 3 syringes with 9ml total teeth whitening gel (9-12 sessions)
• 6 syringes with 18ml total teeth whitening gel (18-24 sessions)
• 9 syringes with 27ml total teeth whitening gel (27-36 sessions)


2. Desensitizing Gel – If you have sensitive teeth, then this product is for you. Sometimes, teeth whitening can cause discomfort, especially for those with very sensitive teeth. Use the Desensitizing Gel 15-30 minutes before your whitening session. This prevents the teeth whitening gel to infiltrate into the sensitive dentin of your enamel and it temporarily covers its pores and micro-fractures. It is definitely fresh having a shelf life of up to 2 years. Desensitizing Gel also comes in three different packs, same as the teeth whitening gel:
• 3 syringes with 9ml total desensitizing gel (9-12 sessions)
• 6 syringes with 18ml total desensitizing gel (18-24 sessions)
• 9 syringes with 27ml total desensitizing gel (27-36 sessions)

I was very nervous when I first tried the Smile Brilliant system as my teeth are very sensitive to any teeth whitening system. Luckily it came with a desensitizing gel that helped with the tooth sensitivity that helped me whiten my teeth f9r longer. Also, the customized teeth tray were easy to make and use as I did them myself in my home!

Smile Brilliant does not promise to give you immediate results, but it guarantees your money back in 30 days if you don’t see any brilliant outcome. Just follow its simple steps and you can have that brilliant smile you want. You can find out more information from Smile Brilliant by visting their website at

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