The Reigning Fashion Trends for Wedding Dresses in 2015

If you are part of brides who love fashion and plan to get married in next year, here is a snippet into what is trending, in no particular order of course. You might find the trends a little poles-apart, not worry, they are poles apart. However, not far from the truth, pick your style and flow with it!

  1. The modest look

Covering up has been quite fashionable lately, in wedding attire as well as formal dresses. If you are interested in a modest wedding gown, then you can be sure that the market will spoil you rotten for all the choice it will have. This fashion trend is characterized by long sleeves, higher necklines and heaps of fabric. You should be keen however; buxom women are not best placed in higher necklines, for instance.

  1. The peeping hole

An unexpected shift to the modest look is flashing skin in unexpected zones – safe, but unexpected zones. Ergo, flashing your butt crack does not form part of this trend. It is still unseemly. You may show a bit of stomach, back or knee within a long flowing gown. This would work excellently in semi-formal settings, like a beach wedding.

  1. Color craze

Infusion of color into the classic white wedding gown has been going on for a while, and designers get bolder with each passing season. From small and delicate colour details to colored lace overlays and even non-white, non-pastel wedding gowns, you can go as bold or as understated as you want. Colored trimmings, colored accessories – the options are virtually endless. Choosing a colored gown, would however bring to consideration your overall wedding color schemes and the matter of how your bridesmaids are to be dressed.

  1. The unconstructed gown

This is a soft, flowing dress best suited for the petite or slim quirky and wild bride. Designers call it unconstructed since they come with very little structure, boning or padding. Unconstructed gowns are very fashion-forward and trendy, bringing back the retro vibe in style, and are great for more relaxed and ‘playful’ wedding ceremonies.


  1. The textured look

Pair lace with wool, jacquards with laser cutouts or tulle with feathery fabrics… just go to town on bringing back the texture. Texturing creates interesting contrasts and it is applicable to achieve specific looks and bring back the playfulness into the gown. Experiment with feathers and frills on your dresses – you can go further and include your bridal party in the fun for a complete and bold statement.

  1. The vintage look

In 2015, we are likely to see more throwback designs to the 80s, 70s and right down to the 30s. Do not be surprised if this goes as far back as 19th Century and Edwardian times. If you feel an itch to bring back those days of yesterday, go for it girl! You are right on the mark.

  1. Take the plunge

The exact opposite of the modesty appeal is the plunging neckline, which has been loud on the catwalk in 2014. This look is for the non-buxom, bold and brave bride armed with enough body tape to show no more cleavage than is considered alluring.

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