How to keep your boots dry and clean this season

Don’t let Mother Nature get the best of you again. This season, make sure you have the supplies to make it through the rest of winter comfortably, starting with your boots.

Once you find the perfect winter boot it is important to take care of them so you can wear them year after year. Blundstone Footwear’s boot expert, Paul Keating has come up with a list of tips to keep your Blundstone boots looking fresh and clean all winter long.


Take preventive buying measures – Purchase boots that have a limited number of seams. With fewer seams, there are fewer places where water can seep through.

Clean salt lines – Clean salt lines around your boots with a desalting product, or mix equal parts vinegar and water, dab it on the boots with a rag, then rinse, dry, and buff. Salt should be cleaned from boots as soon as entering indoors to help the leather last even longer.

Dry out moisture – If your boots get wet, stuff them with newspaper to absorb the moisture and keep the shape of the boot. Always dry your boots at room temperature, and never with artificial heat, as it can dry out and fade the leather.

Weatherproof – After cleaning your boots with a damp cloth, dress leather boots with a wax-based treatment to keep the boots weatherproof and pliable.

Polish – Provide your boots with an extra barrier against the elements with a quick polish. Once your boots are completely dried, apply a regular polish and buff with a separate cloth to strengthen and protect the leather.


Blundstone Footwear knows that there is nothing worse than cold feet so they created the perfect “Winter” boot. The Winter has the all-weather features of every Blundstone boot, with the added warmth of Thinsulate and sheepskin insoles to get you through the coldest weather in cozy comfort.

“Our winter boot is perfect for those who want the lasting comfort, style and durability of a Blundstone boot all year round,” said Keating.

Our winter boot is 100% sealed and waterproof, making it perfect for snowy Canadian winters. With no laces to worry about, these boots are easy to slip on and off, especially when your hands are covered in mitts.

Blundstone boots are available in Blundstone Footwear retailers across the country as well as online at


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