Around the Globe with the Fashion Week’s of 2015

The realm of Fashion has been nothing but a circus for the past few weeks, as it took us on a getaway to peep some of the hottest designers, trends and hot runway shows.  So far, we’ve been to New York, London and Milan. There, we have gotten to aesthetically appease ourselves with the worlds emerging, newfound trends that will takeover for the rest of 2015. Let’s take a look:
1. Peak A Boo! Meet the Cut-Out Trend!
If you have love handles, you better get them handled! The Cut out trend is here and ready to expose that flawless stomach (or flubber) of yours!

2. Death of Skinny Jeans: Culottes and Flare
Skinny Jean is not my lover….. she’s just a girl who (you know the rest!)
The skinny-jean trend is way past overdue, say hello to the 70’s again, flare is the way to go this year ‘round!



3. Fresh in Fur: Fur Outerwear
Grab your favourite animal – Rabbit, Fox, Sheep? And wear it! Literally. And don’t tell PETA I told you to do this.


4. Futuristic: Patent Leather If you want to look like you’re from 2025, hey, here’s the look for you – Patent, Shiny Leather!

5. Am I An Athlete Yet?: Sporty Chic

You no longer have to be a gym-goer (or at least pretend to be) to rock the sporty-athletic look! Throw on a cool jersey and pair it with your fave pair of jeans & heels and you’re set!


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