Birks celebrates Anniversary of the Amorique Diamond Ring

Birks Canada, a jeweler since 1879, is celebrating its 10th anniversary of its unique diamond cut, the Birks Amorique Diamond.

The Canadian jeweler is celebrating with a new marketing campaign that features Canadian actress Rachelle Lefevre, who is currently in the TV Series “Under the Dome”. The new campaign is called “Brilliantly Different” and puts the spotlight on the anniversary edition of the Amorique diamond ring.

The Birks Amorique Diamond was created a decade ago by a Birks artisan and is a modern version of the widely popular cushion-cut ring which originated during the Victoria Era. The creations in the collection are made of ethically-sourced Canadian diamonds and platinum settings.

For more information on the anniversary collection of the Birks Amorique Diamond you can click here and you can see the new campaign below.


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