Daredevil Star On Cover Of Fashion Mens Magazine

Starring in the new Netflix web/TV series Daredevil, talented actor Charlie Cox covers the Spring 2015 issue of Men’s FASHION magazine available at Shoppers Drug Mart locations on April 13, and on the FASHION Replica Edition available now!

Known for his roles in Casanova (starring Heath Ledger), Stardust, and most recently the Stephen Hawking biopic, The Theory of Everything, Cox sat down with Men’s FASHION to chat about his current role as Matt Murdock/Daredevil, attorney by day, crime fighter by night, and who he wants to play next:

Sweater, $225, Hugo.


On what makes this Daredevil different:
“I think our Daredevil is darker than both Superman and Batman. What makes him really interesting is that on the surface he’s a human being with a disability,” Cox says, noting that the character is blind, which makes his other senses more superhumanly acute.

On relating to his character’s faith:
“I’m Catholic as well, so there’s that struggle and conflict shared between us… I wanted to have a superhero that is vulnerable. What I find most interesting is the inner struggle between who he feels he needs to be and who God wants him to be.”

On his physical transformation:

“It was a tall order, because they were well aware that I was only 160 pounds. I’ve never eaten this much in my life! I’ve had to wolf down a huge amount of carbohydrates and protein and have seven meals a day – before and after doing so much heavy lifting.”

On what stopped him from quitting acting:
“It was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I’d grown up seeing [Jim] Carrey doing Ace Ventura, but his performance in [Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind] truly transcended what I believed he was as an actor. I remember being so inspired. For the first time I really understood why I was on this path.”

On wanting to play Freddie Mercury:
“What an interesting man. What a painful time he lived in as a homosexual and an icon, battling AIDS in media but beloved by so many. He paved the way for a movement. He was a pioneer.”

Cover Credits:
Photographed by Seiji Fujimori and styled by Heidi Meek, Charlie Cox wears a jacket, $1,095, Burberry. T-shirt, $180, and pants, $275, both Ami. Grooming, Lisa-Raquel for René Furterer at See Management.


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