We’ve been testing the FOREO Luna mini face-care devices for the past month and we are loving the results! Since using the small, light weight devices we have noticed brighter complexions, smaller pores and our skin feels fresher and clean!

We were skeptical at first. How could this little, silicone based device deliver all of it’s face care promises in only a minute each day? Bold claims like clearer, brighter, healthier looking skin with the help of FOREO Luna Mini, which also claims to drive away blemish-casuing impurities. Most consumers have chased these desires before, devoting loyalty and dollars on companies that didn’t live up to the hype.



So, can the FOREO Luna Mini really be the device to revolutionize skin care?


We we’re intrigued by the Foreo products at first site. Their collection of facial products included the Foreo Luna (a larger version of the device we have tested, which also features a unique anti-aging function), the Foreo Luna Mini and the Foreo Luna for Men. There was also a device that has been created specifically for professional care.

The Luna Mini features unique silicone brushes and combines T-Sonic technology, which uses low-frequency pulsations to deep clean. The silicone material is also 35x more hygienic than standard sonic-cleansing brushes. Actually, the use of silicone is part of FOREO’s dedication to creating products that are better for the earth; no replacement brushes to buy and throw away! To conserve power, the brand designed the Luna Mini to deliver up to 300 uses on a single full charge. The anti-aging Foreo Luna surpasses that, reaching 450 uses per charge!

Now we know Foreo is good for the environment, we’ll explain why it’s great for your face! The smooth, soft silicone touch-points glide across the skin for effective facial-cleansing that’s actually gentle enough to use every day (even on sensitive skin). The touch points each deliver a cleaning sensation and the angles of the Luna Mini help you clean harder areas such as around the nose, lips and eyes. We also noticed a fullness to our features, not a puffy-ness, but kind of like our skin was nourished. Like the way a plant extends toward sun and water.

FOREO_COLOURSAnother perk of this device is the fact you can use cleansers you already know and love, so there is no need to buy special products to use Foreo products. We noticed while using the Luna Mini that our moisturizers and creams were actually more effective! The compact design and long battery life make this the absolute perfect travel essential. You can still manage to get amazing results even when you might not have access to your favourite face wash and are limited to the hotel soaps.

The claims from FOREO were bold, but after trying the Luna Mini each day and night for ourselves, we think that FOREO could revolutionize skincare routines. It already has for us!

See some more facts below and make FOREO a part of your routine.

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