Limited-Edition Marvel for Five Four Club

Menswear fashion site Five Four Club has teamed up with comic book brand Marvel to launch an exclusive line of limited-edition superhero apparel.

Inspired by the publisher’s superheros, the collection’s style was destined to be subtle and refined, with the goal of the designers to bring a collection that plays on the personality behind a Marvel Super Hero. This collaboration was meant to be something that could be worn seriously and fashionably.

Check out the collection below, now available in Canada exclusively through Five Four Club.



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More Information on Five Four Club

Through the brand’s website, customers sign up for a membership in which they receive new clothes each month without the hassle of shopping. A stylist will curate clothing based on a style profile you fill out during membership. If you don’t like the outfit, they have an exchange policy. The price for membership is $60 a month, but they promise to deliver a value of at least double that. For more information, check out

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