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Established in 2012, 3.PARADIS is an innovative and trendsetting luxury ready-to-wear brand founded by designers Emeric Tchatchoua and Raymond Cheung. Long-time friends, Emeric and Ray come from two different corners of the world respectively from Paris and Hong Kong, with a common artistic vision and dream of uniting and embracing all cultures and differences. They are the authentic innovators that bring about the magic behind the brand, the vision and creativity. Indeed they call themselves, “Street Visionary”.

By deconstructing traditional ideas and reinventing conventions in menswear with no boundaries, no rules, no conventions, 3.PARADIS bridges the gap between cultural disparities promoting a common voice amongst today’s global generation. “We embrace authenticity with a unique sense of creativity. We are a leader of the new school.”

Living between Paris, France and Montreal, Canada, the two designers’ avant-garde designs and minimalism with a subtle touch of madness, will mark a turning point in the evolution of menswear.


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