We Attend The Miss Universe Canada Finals

We had such a good time watching the Miss Universe Canada 2015 pageant at the St Lawrence Centre for the Arts in Toronto. It was such a cool experience to watch from the audience versus watching it on television. Some of our best snap shots from the night are below.

Here they are, 50 finalists who have made it through rounds of pageants, interviews and photoshoots in a bid to be crowned Miss Universe Canada and compete for the Miss Universe title later this year. After this photo was taken, the group of contestants were quickly narrowed down to just a few finalists who would take over the stage for the rest of the night.

Miss-Universe-Canada-FINAL-Image-Photos-Winner (8)

But not before a dance! There were a few dance routines throughout the evening which helped break up the suspense of picking a winner. While it might have been fun to watch from the audience, the contestants were still being graded by a panel of judges on categories like poise and grace.

Miss-Universe-Canada-FINAL-Image-Photos-Winner (7)

Besides remembering a few dance routines, the contestants also have to be quick thinkers in the question period (below) and light on their toes in the evening gown routine. The gowns were beautiful for sure, but imagine walking in front of an audience, in heels, long gown and remembering a rehearsed walking pattern! Running for the Miss Universe Canada crown sure isn’t easy.

Miss-Universe-Canada-FINAL-Image-Photos-Winner (5)

Miss-Universe-Canada-FINAL-Image-Photos-Winner (9)

During costume changes we were treated to some live performances including Canadian musician Luke Nicholson.

Miss-Universe-Canada-FINAL-Image-Photos-Winner (6)

Only one winner can be crowned. Miss Universe Canada for 2015 is Paola Nunez Valdez from Toronto, Ontario.  Miss-Universe-Canada-FINAL-Image-Photos-Winner (2)

Miss-Universe-Canada-FINAL-Image-Photos-Winner (11)

The real winners we’re really ‘Operation Smile‘ which was presented with over $118,000 dollars! The charity provides children with access to doctors to perform a life changing surgery to repair children’s cleft lip and cleft palates. We are huge fans of the work by Operation Smile and we were happy to see how involved Miss Universe Canada contestants are with this foundation and other charities across the world.

Miss-Universe-Canada-FINAL-Image-Photos-Winner (4)

Group hug!

Miss-Universe-Canada-FINAL-Image-Photos-Winner (12)


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