Netflix Canada hosts a 90’s themed event

Some things are better left in the past: mullets, name plate belt buckles, and any term coined by the cast of Jersey Shore.

But sometimes it’s nice to throw back to the good ol’ days, when someone calling you “phat” was a legitimate compliment, and you could pay a visit to Bel Air by way of West Philadelphia.

To celebrate the old becoming new again, Netflix Canada hosted a 90’s themed event in Toronto. Highlighting some of Netflix Canada’s #Newstalgia titles including classic movies like Clueless, Pretty Woman and Forest Gump, the event was a full forced flashback to the past. Slap bracelets and iconic candy awaited guests when they entered, while living rooms with overstuffed couches became lounge areas for a battle of Guess Who, Operation, or a game of Sega Genesis.

The party was definitely “all that and a bag of chips” and you can check out some of the photos from the party below!





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