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One of the biggest trends for Spring and Summer 2015 is incorporating yellow into the wardrobe. We love that this colour trend is finally receiving some hot weather attention. For the past few fashion seasons, you may have noticed that retailers have been incorporating yellow into collections releasing anywhere from November to February. We’ve seen preview after preview where the colour takes a dominant role in collections, usually labeled ‘Resort’, ‘Vacation Getaway’ and the like, but we always felt that this colour was in the wrong season.

It’s hard to ‘pull off’ yellow in the wardrobe (especially with tops and dresses) without a bit of a tan or summer glow. With winter holding it’s grip on Toronto for so long, we’ve seen a lot of consumers pass on wearing yellow because it can make you look sallow.

Finally though, yellow is back where it belongs and this hot colour joins the fun of the hot weather. We took a look at one of our favourite shopping spots, Winners, for a little style inspiration. Here are some of their #FabFinds,
Winners-Fashion-Finds winners-fashion-finds-2


TIPS on Yellow

  • great accent to colors like navy, purple, green, burgundy, pale blue, teals and, of course, neutrals like grey and browns
  • try one several shades of yellow to find the right one for you
  • dark yellow or mustard colours can look awesome on pale skin tones, while women with an olive complexion should opt for lemon yellows, bold yellows, or even super bright yellow which will make their skin glow.
  • Try, try, try! As our advice with any fashion trend, just try it. Either you’ll like it or you won’t, it’s your style to have fun with. Don’t invest heavily into trends without trying first to see if you love it
  • yellow generally repeats every season, so we recommend investing in a ‘classic’ or ‘timeless’ piece you can wear over and over
  1. I’ve seen the purses downtown Toronto but cant find the dress!! Thats what I’m looking for still

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