Beauty Breakthrough with AMOREPACIFIC Cushion

AMOREPACIFIC is a Korean-based beauty brand that has been making headlines in the beauty and cosmetic industry in the past few years for its innovative Cushion product.

Beginning its research and development for Cushion back in January 2007, the company sought to develop a multi-functional sun protection product that is easier to carry and apply than conventional tube or pump-type products. AMOREPACIFIC conducted over 3,600 tests using 200 different types of sponges, ranging from latex used in beddings to types used as bath sponges. From these trials the brand introduced the ‘IOPE AIR CUSHION®’ in March 2008 and the beauty insiders quickly took notice.



An AMOREPACIFIC Cushion was sold every 1.2 seconds last year.

Cushion refers to a makeup compact built with a specially-designed urethane foam that safely contains and preserves makeup liquid comprised of foundation, sunscreen and skincare formula.

Already popular as the ‘must-have’ item in Korea for easy and flawless skin makeup, Cushion has more recently gained keen attention in the global cosmetics market. Though many companies have tried to duplicate the success of AMOREPACIFIC’s Cushion, most can’t come close to matching the compact’s benefits:

  • SPF 50+ protects against both harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Fills micro lines and ensures color builds into fine even layers
  • Brightens and prevents skin irritation while providing superior antioxidant protection
  • Hydrating Bamboo Sap Formula replaces traditional water in oil base for deep moisturization
  • Dynamic Fluid Capture System Technology transforms liquid into a refined emulsion. Non-absorbing Air Cell puff applicator cools and soothes the skin

Cushion, created from AMOREPACIFIC’s innovative technology, is a revolutionary product that is changing the makeup routines of women across the world and is going to be at the center of global beauty trend in 2015,

Suh Kyung-Bae, Chairman & CEO AMOREPACIFIC Group

As of January 2015, AMOREPACIFIC offers a total of 19 Cushion products from its 13 brands in more than ten countries in the Asian and North American regions, leading the ‘globalization’ of the Korean-born Cushion.

“AMOREPACIFIC will continue to pioneer and lead the global Cushion market with the company’s unparalleled technology and superior products.”


Committed to its ‘Absolute Quality’ principle, AMOREPACIFIC continuously improved the technology and quality of its Cushion products by conducting more than 15 upgrades since the first launch. In addition, AMOREPACIFIC has filed for 114 patent applications and registered 13 patents in Korea, China, Japan, US, and Europe. With Cushion, AMOREPACIFIC was recognized for the innovativeness of its technology and contribution to the beauty industry. In 2014, AMOREPACIFIC succeeded in automating the entire Cushion production procedure. Its new Cushion production system enables the company to respond to the growing demand for the Cushion products globally and manage product quality at the same time.


Explore the AMOREPACIFIC collection by clicking here and see why beauty publications around the world are showing their appreciation for the brand’s leading innovations.


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