The Limited Edition New Balance 574 Woods Pack

We were intrigued when we heard that New Balance Canada was getting ready to launch a limited-edition sneaker for Canadians – the 574 Woods Pack. The limited-edition shoe will be a highly sought after shoe as only 1,000 pairs becoming available across the country through New Balance stores and


New Balance Canada has chosen an interesting way to launch the 574 Woods Park shoes.  Despite being the second largest country in the world, Canada spends most of its time living in America’s shadow when it comes to all things cool. This is especially true in the shoe-collecting world. Most sneakers and shoes are released first in US and second or not at all in Canada, but the new 574 Woods Pack is available only in Canada within North America. To celebrate this launch and special pack of shoes, New Balance decided to give a pair of shoes to everyone in Canada. But in this case, it was the tiny, rural community of Canada, Kansas. You can see how the residents of Canada, Kansas liked their New Balance 574 Woods Pack shoes.

You can purchase the New Balance 574 Woods Pack shoes at New Balance Stores across Canada or on, but remember there are only 1000 pairs available so get yours now!

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