Lunch on the runway | S. Pellegrino x Vogue Italia

Leading up to Toronto Fashion Week, we were invited to a special event to celebrate the launch of S. Pellegrino’s exclusive bottle design featuring Vogue Italia. To ensure this event was a memorable one, S. Pellegrino was bringing us right to the fashion week runway for the exclusive lunch.

This is going to be so cool!‘ We couldn’t help but think it.


Walking into the runway tent, a place we normally see as a busy scene with guests rushing around for seats, we were almost shocked by the sense of calm in the room. The seats in the audience were empty, fading away into the dark background. Lights highlighted the long runway that divides the room in two. On the runway was a long white table, filled with fresh flower bouquets and surrounded by dark red chairs. It was absolutely beautiful!

The three-course lunch, hosted by Glen Baxter, was designed to showcase the unique partnership between S. Pellegrino and Vogue Italia, honouring the beauty and wonder of Italy.

San-Pellegrino-Event-Runway-Toronto (6)

On the menu was Lobster Capprese, Barolo braised beef, pan seared Mediterranean branzino, Ravioli Caprese, and an awesome desert called Tartfuo. Along with red and white wine, S. Pellegrino was keeping guests refreshed for the event.

If you’re looking to get one of the new Vogue Italia bottles, you’d better hurry! The S. Pellegrino limited-edition bottle is only available until the end of December.

San-Pellegrino-Event-Runway-Toronto (14)


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