Plato’s Closet Scarborough Gives You Money for Your Clothes

Scarborough has a new store called Plato’s Closet that allows teens and 20-somethings to stay on top of the newest trends without breaking the bank.

The new store gives the Toronto community a place to take their unwanted clothing or clothes that no longer fit them and turn them into cash. Cash that they can pocket or use to revamp their wardrobe. This is something we love! Cash we can use for the clothes we no longer wear.

Plato’s Closets describes the process in 4 easy steps:

1. Bring in your gently-used brand name clothing and accessories.
2. While you check out the latest styles in the store, the buyer will review your items.
3. The buyer will create an offer based on style, condition, brand and the store’s current stock levels.
4. Once you accept the offer, you’ll be on your way with some extra cash or a hot new outfit (or two)!

How is Plato’s Closet different then all consignment stores? Unlike a typical consignment store, no appointment is necessary to sell clothing and accessories to Plato’s Closet. Plus, the store pays cash on the spot for goods it purchases from consumers.

The Plato’s Closet in Scarborough focuses on the latest styles and hottest brands, all in great condition. At the store, consumers will be able to find a huge selection of trendy and designer styles, all at up to 70 percent off mall retail prices.

A lot of people think Plato’s Closet is just for girls, but they also sell guys’ jeans, shoes, t-shirts, long sleeves, etc.

We’ve noticed that most guys initially first come in with a girlfriend or family member and then realize we offer merchandise for them too and become regulars,” said Stephanie van Dam, General Manager.
To visit the new Plato’s Closet Scarborough location head over to 2650 Eglinton Avenue East or visit the Plato’s Closet website by clicking here.

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