Top Five Ways to Save Money and Still Look Great

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is something that many of us love to do, although it can be costly to look fashionable – especially with the amount of times in one year an outfit can go from highly fashionable to out of favour. From spring and summer to autumn and winter, keen fashionistas can spend a lot of money keeping up with the changes.

There are a few things that both men and women of all ages can do in order to look good without spending a small fortune, so let’s check out the top five:

Remember Different Looks & Bring Them Back

When an outfit goes out of style, it’s safe to assume that at some point it will come back into fashion, so it can be worth hanging on to a lot of your clothes. You can take a photograph of yourself in different outfits and create a photobook that is easy to order through a professional printing company like Photobox. You can then take a look through your book from time to time and bring the pieces back into your wardrobe a few seasons later, instead of throwing them out.


Check out the Sales

You can shop for your clothes and makeup during peak sales periods such as after Christmas or at the end of a season. Shopping during a sale is a great way to get hold of a good quality product without having to pay the full price for it and you can also buy fashionable items online for much less than what you will often find in the shops.

TIP: Keep your eye out for ‘three for the price of two’ offers on beauty products like shampoo and makeup.

Head to a Charity Shop

Charity shops are a great way to keep the costs down when shopping and you can find some really great items in them for much less than what it would cost you to buy it from a high-street store.

Make Lists for Special Occasions

If you have a birthday coming up or Christmas is fast approaching, then there is no harm in telling people exactly what you want. Make a list and ask for makeup or some clothes that you have already spotted in a shop. This not only ensures that you get to enjoy the things you want but it also makes it easier on the people who are buying you gifts.

Get Creative

You can keep the cost of maintaining a fashionable wardrobe down by getting creative with your clothes. Cut the sleeves off when sleeveless shirts come back into fashion, cut your long skirt into a mini when summer comes or cut your t-shirt into a midriff-baring top. You can use scarves in a number of ways to create totally different looks and you can also add accessories to change the style of an outfit from something you would wear in the day, to a night time look.

Have some fun when keeping up with the latest fashions and try and come up with some other money-saving ideas to help you to keep your fashion sense fresh and up to date – without breaking the bank.

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