Essential Tips For Straight, Fine Hair

Fine, straight hair is extremely difficult to style. The good news that it is more than possible with these essential tips!

Tip #1 Condition wisely

Conditioner is an important part of your maintenance routine, because it provides moisture and nourishment to your locks. Unfortunately, it can weigh down your hair, when applied to the roots. Condition your ends only!

Tip #2 Blow dry properly

The main problem of fine hair is the lack of volume. One of the best and easiest ways to add some boost to your roots is to blow dry your hair upside down.

Tip #3 Add layers or extensions

You can make your hair look visually thicker with the help of hair extensions. Another way to add some volume is to choose the right haircut like layers.

Tip #4 Purchase right products

If you don’t want your hair to become oily quickly and look flat, you should avoid heavy products. Become friends with lightweight products!

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