Why We Love the Smart Parka and 5 Reasons You Will Too!

Winter is still hanging around and consumers are still looking for the best options to help survive that winter freeze that many of us hate. We were introduced recently to the Smart Parka from Toronto start-up North Aware, and could see right away why this jacket was getting a lot of online buzz. Here are the 5 best features from the Smart Parka.

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1. Built-in Scarf and Gloves!

How many times have you walked out the door only to realize that you forgot your hat and scarf and ultimately decide to just go without them and bear the cold? How about those times where your journey didn’t start off cold so you left home without these winter essentials, but suddenly the winds are starting to pick up? Well that’s old news with Smart Parka which has a built-in scarf and built-in gloves that will have you warm all winter. 

2. A Hat Pocket!

Getting your hat and finding a spot for it in you pockets can be time-consuming and adds unnecessary, unflattering bulk to your jacket. The Smart Parka has a pocket in the hood where you can keep you hat for storage and pull it out for when you need it most. Awesome!

Smart-Parka-best-WINTER-COAT-built-in-hat 5
Smart-Parka-best-WINTER-COAT-built-in-gloves 53. Removable Lining and Expandable Length!

When the weather get warmer, have you ever been hot in you jacket and wished it wasn’t such a sauna under there?  Smart Jacket has a removable lining that makes the jacket good for warmer temperatures up to 0 degrees and has a expandable piece that can make your jacket long enough to cover your legs. Perfect for those times when the wind picks up and you don’t want to leave your legs exposed to the freezing weather.

Smart-Parka-best-WINTER-COAT-removable-lining 5

4. Pockets for phone, tablet, glasses and tracker tag!

You can never have enough pockets in a jacket! This jacket has dedicated pockets for your phone (and a headphone holder), tablet, glasses and a pocket for a tracker tag. Keep your devices warm this winter.

Smart-Parka-best-WINTER-COAT-tablet-pocket 5

5. The Price!

Although all the coat models can be seen at the North Aware online store, the Kickstarter will be live on Tuesday, January 26th at 10:00 AM EST and you can click here to see it. While the retail price of the Smart Parka is $740 (CAD), Kickstarter backers will get it for a discounted price starting at $295 (CAD). With the exchange rate benefiting US buyers, people in the states can get the parka for around $200 (USD). That sound like a pretty sweet deal to us!

Sign up for updates on when you can back the Kick Starter and purchase you Smart Parka by clicking here and get the best jacket ever!


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  1. I like the jacket. But what is the *difference* between each of the styles? I see pockets on the chest of the classic that I don’t see on the vouge or the expedition. The bomber looks shorter than the other three women’s styles, does that mean that the bomber style doesn’t have the extension? And I see that the vouge has a different way the fur is placed. You have the different styles, but you don’t tell us how they’re different. I want to make an informed decision. Can you please tell me features that are unique to each style? Why would I prefer an expedition over a classic? Why would I want the bomber as it appears to come without one of the features?

  2. My north aware/smart parka review

    I ordered a coat from North aware and I absolutely love it. It’s the warmest, best built coat that I’ve ever owned. There were some shipping delays but overall the company has been amazing to deal with and I understood that there would be shipping delays because they were a new company with 0 experience. I was happy that they communicated with me and kept me updated. The coat is of superb quality and I love all the features like the builtin scarf.

  3. My order was accurate and came quickly and it was easy to place the order. Would be great if they have coats available for kids.

  4. I’m skeptical at first but when I got mine I’m totally satisfied. Its very warm and the pockets are what gets me, its so convenient especially for my lifestyle. Thank you!

  5. Smart parka is a brilliant innovation. The concept of the winter coat is indeed great. I’d love to get some for my family as we prepare for the blessed winter season. It seems to have everything one would need to stay warm therefore, eliminating the need to carry extra gears.

  6. The world is ruled by innovative ideas and smart parka is one brilliant idea that has come to stay. Even as we prepare for the winter season, smart parka will come handy. What I love most about it is that it comes with many inbuilt packages with which you won’t be needing any additional clothing.

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