The Top 5 Blundstone Boots for this Winter

Winter weather has snuck up on us and for those who were enjoying the warmer weather; they might not be ready for the freezing cold temperature, the snow and the icy sidewalks in Toronto. We know we weren’t ready for it!

If you were one of the few who were hoping for warmer weather all winter, it’s time to pick your winter gear and we think the most important part is a good pair of boots. Keeping your feet warm and dry is something that everyone in Toronto needs. Picking the right pair of boots is important and one that we have been seeing on everyone is the Blundstone boots. These boots have weatherproof leather prevent most water penetration and keep your feet warm and dry. They also have something called the Shock Protection System which disperses the shock when your heel hits the ground and reduces skeletal stress. Great for people who have issues with their legs, that is affected with bulky boots.

We have picked our top 5 picks of Blunstone boots that will get you through the rest of the winter we have left!

Blundstone 1409 is The Original Stout Brown


Blundstone 800 Limited Edition Ducati Scrambler


Blundstone 1316 – Red and Black with Two Tone Sole


Blundstone 064 – The Chisel Toe in Crazy Horse



Blundstone 566 – Winter in Black




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  1. I bought the black leather ones and they are so nice and comfortable ,the nicest boot ,I have ever worn would love to have every colour the burgundy ones is my next buy.

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