Should You Hire a Corporate Event Planner?


Unless you happen to BE a corporate event planner, the short answer is yes. There are many reasons why hiring an event planner with particular experience in planning corporate events is a good idea.

Although the temptation can be to try to save a few dollars by handling the event internally, that is almost always a bad idea. When you allocate internal staff to take care of planning your event, they can easily become overwhelmed by trying to juggle the pressures of pulling off a successful event while at the same time performing their normal daily tasks. And you certainly can’t do everything yourself.  Many hands make light work, especially when those hands belong to an experienced corporate events planner. There are actually several reasons why hiring a professional events planner will be beneficial to any event.

They are linked in:

A professional event planner will have connections to the best and most reliable agencies in the industry in your area. They know which agencies to work with and which ones to steer clear of, so you don’t have to worry about whether you are working with reputable agencies or not..

They are experienced:

Experienced event planners know what it means to put on a successful event. They know where to start with the planning, they know all of the boxes that need to be checked off, and they know how to troubleshoot problems when things go wrong. That kind of attention to detail and on-the-fly thinking is something that only comes with experience.

They have access to resources you don’t have

When you plan a corporate event, there are so many things you’ll need, many of which you probably haven’t considered. Aside from the venue, you’ll also need things like audio-visual equipment, chairs and tables, linens, event handouts (programs, etc.) and more. A corporate event planner can take care of gathering all of those resources for you.

They sometimes offer discounts

Event planners rely on repeat business from loyal customers like you. So, to encourage you to continue to do business with them rather than their competitors, they will often offer discounts and incentives for repeat customers. Before you hire an event planner, check to see what rewards or incentives they offer to loyal customers.

They offer liability insurance

When you hire a reputable corporate event planning agency to plan your event, you are protected under their liability insurance.  Should anything major happen, you will be protected, whereas if you plan the event yourself and something goes wrong, you are responsible for the fallout.

As you can see, there are several good reasons to hire a professional planner for your next event. Don’t take on this large task yourself. Leave those details to the professionals and you will be assured of a successful event that people will be talking about in the best possible way. Leave things to chance and your event could be the subject of a whole different conversation.

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