Italian Dinner at the Four Seasons Las Vegas Veranda Restaurant

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is the motto for sin city, but we think we found a place that should not stay in Vegas and that is the Veranda restaurant at the Four Seasons Las Vegas.

I had the chance to visit Las Vegas last month with my best friend for three days of fun and excitement inside the city of lights, but the highlight of the trip was not the neon lights and casinos, but inside the calm and tranquil Four Seasons Las Vegas hotel. Once you walk in from the adjoining Mandalay Bay hotel you are transported to a different place with earth tones colours being used and a serene quiet that you don’t get at other hotels. It was nice to have this little break from the bright lights and casino noises.


Veranda is the Four Season Las Vegas’s Italian restaurant with chef Antonio Minichiello. It is located on the lower floor of the hotel beside the hotel’s other restaurant Charlie Palmer Steak and the hotel bar Press. Once we walked in we could see the Italian influence in the décor and the restaurant has an amazing view of the outdoor space which includes a pool, a waterfall and the towers of the Mandalay Bay resort in the background. This view made for a great after dinner walk.

Once we were seated, we got to look over the menu and had a hard time picking. Even though it is an Italian restaurant we found that there were many more choices then just pasta. For a starter we had the Beet Carpaccio salad (roasted sugar beets, ricotta, carrots, hazelnuts and passion fruit hazel nut) and the Curdo appetizer (Ahi Tuna, Balsamic dressing and avocado). They were very delicious and refreshing dishes and were the perfect size for a starting dish.

Photo 2016-01-28, 9 21 47 PM

Photo 2016-01-28, 9 21 31 PM

We went on to the main course and there were many choices on the menu, so many that it took as a while since they all sounded delicious. We ended up with the Cavtelli Sorrentina (handmade ricotta cavatelli, San Marzano tomato sauce, buffalo mozerella, and basil) and the salmon (Scottish salmon, puttanesca sauce and a fennel panzanella salad). The mains were cooked perfectly and were able to satisfy both of our appetites (one that liked cheesy pasta dishes and one that did not like pasta dishes).

Photo 2016-01-28, 9 45 12 PM

Photo 2016-01-28, 9 44 40 PM

We were pretty full at this point but once they brought out the dessert menu, we knew that we had to try the desserts. We ordered the crème brulee and the cannoli (filled with Sicilian pistachio, nutella, and chocolate chip) and it was a perfect way to end the meal. Perfect amount of sweetness after the pasta and fish dishes and they looked so good that we tried each other’s dish.

Photo 2016-01-28, 10 56 02 PM

Photo 2016-01-28, 10 55 21 PM

Once we were heading out we decided to head to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign which is a short drive from the Four Seasons Las Vegas. It is a must see if you are in Vegas and is so close to the hotel! We had an amazing time at the Veranda restaurant and special thanks to Erica from the Four Seasons Las Vegas and chef Antonio. Make sure to visit the Veranda restaurant on your next trip to Las Vegas!


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