The 5 best reasons to love sterling silver jewelry

wedding-rings-378064_640If you are a jewelry lover, there’s a good chance you fall into one of two categories. Either you are a gold lover or a sterling silver lover. If you have been a gold lover in the past but are considering adding in some silver into your jewelry wardrobe, check out these five great reasons to love designer sterling silver jewelry.

It’s timeless

Regardless of how fashion trends come and go, sterling silver jewelry remains timeless. It goes with everything from jeans to formal outfits, and it can suit everyone of ever age, from pre-teens to those in their golden years and beyond. Once you invest in a piece or two, they will lasts for years and can be worn in countless different ways.

It’s inexpensive

For the most part, sterling silver jewelry is affordable. Even designer silver is cheaper than designer gold jewelry, so if you are looking to expand your jewelry wardrobe without breaking the bank, sterling silver is the way to go. Unlike platinum and gold, which can be very pricey even at the low end of the spectrum, sterling silver is quite affordable, which allows you to build a collection without having to mortgage your house.


It’s low maintenance

Gold and other metals need to be carefully maintained, but silver is much more low maintenance. Of course it does need to be cared for and cleaned periodically, but it does not require the same amount of care as other metals. Should your silver get tarnished, simply clean it with a silver cleaning cloth or specially designed solution.

It comes in so many styles

Sterling silver jewelry comes in virtually every style you can imagine. There’s rustic, casual, elegant, high-end, glamourous – virtually every type of style you could imagine. No matter what your personal style or the type of outfit you are trying to accessorize, there are sterling silver pieces to beautifully match. Bracelets, rings, earrings, statement necklaces, pendants, charms – whatever would add that finishing touch to your outfit, there’s a sterling silver piece for you.

It makes a great gift!

For all of the reasons above, sterling silver jewellery makes a great gift.  Whether it’s a gift for your bridesmaids, a special surprise for your best friend or a gift for your mother, there’s a sterling silver piece out there that beautifully fits the bill. Whether your budget is slim or more extravagant, whether you shop in-store or online, you will be sure to find something special for everyone in your life.

So, the next time you are looking for a new piece of jewelry for yourself or as a gift, don’t immediately go for the gold. Give sterling silver a try! You’ll be glad you did, for these and so many more reasons.

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