6 Things to Know If You Want Your Clothes Well-Fitting and Stylish

We all love to look our best in the clothes we wear. High-end labels, quality fabric and latest fashion do not guarantee that an outfit looks the best. It should also suit your personality and flatter your body shape as well.

No two women are alike and it is not easy to find an outfit that fits our non-standard bodies. Ill-fitting clothes do not look great on you. No matter what the price-tag, they look cheap and lack in class and quality. Finally, the money and time you invested in buying the outfit has come to nothing because you are not happy with how you look in it.
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But do you know that a few styling hacks will help garments fit better and look great on you?

Your shopping experience must have given you a pretty good idea of what suits and what does not. You also come across professional stylists doling out advice on what styles are best for different body types. But that does not mean you shun the non-suitable styles and designs forever.

Here are a few tips to make all clothes fit a little bit better.

  • Belt up an Ill-Fitted Dress

Dresses that fit well are every woman’s dream. They accentuate the right curves and hide the others. They make you look super-stylish when accessorized correctly and are flexible enough to be worn to formal events or parties.

If you have a small waist and a big hip, finding the correct size for your dress will be difficult. Curvy women find it hard to find a dress that fits well at the waistline. You can fix the loose waist by clinching the flouncy fabric with a slim belt. Wide belts also do the job, but a thinner belt helps draw attention to your small waist and makes your dress look well-fitting.

  • Be Careful With the Jeans You Buy

Jeans is the best outfit of our wardrobe for most of us, but to find one in right size and style is not easy. In fact it is so hard that stylists recommend you to snag a couple of them when you do find the dream fit.

If you are worried about your belly bulge then the best bet for you is high-rise jeans that help your waistline look slimmer. Keep in mind that a well-fitting pair of jeans hugs your body and makes you look shapely, and toned. But at the same time a pair that is too tight will be uncomfortable and will not look good.

Jeans made of a combination of materials like lycra and spandex will stretch and fit snugly. Skinny jeans need not be a no-no because they fit well and make your derriere look toned and uplifted.

Also keep in mind that a dark pair of jeans has a slimming effect. A simple and well-fitting pair in a dark color with no embellishments and in a classic wash is a smart option if you want to stay stylish.

  • Shop According to Your Body Type

If you are a full-busted girl, a bold colored skirt or pants can be paired with a fitting plain colored blouse. This will draw attention away from the top heavy portion to the more vibrant hued and bold patterned lower half of your outfit. Tops that are plain or having smaller prints help you appear thinner and more petite.

T-shirts with embellishments, slogans or text look sloppy and ill-fitting when they are slightly warped. Stick to plain, printed or patterned tops that complement your body.

  • Do not Drown in Over-Sized Clothes

It’s all good to follow the latest trend but if you have a petite body frame then full-length shirt dresses, coats and maxi gowns will drown you in their volume. It is best to stick to sharp jackets, cropped cardigans, short skirts, and bodycon and mini dresses to showcase your petite physique.

There are a range of choices in these categories and you can easily find outfits that look great on you.

On the other hand if you are looking to hide your ample backside or wide hips it is best to go for long coats that cover the flab. If you want to accentuate curves go for waist length jackets or coats that draw attention to your backside.

  • Un-accessorize And go Simple

An overload of accessories can distract attention from the beautiful cut and fit of your clothes. It is important that you are careful with the accessories you choose.

Costume jewelry can be eye-catching and extremely attractive, and it can be tempting to splurge on all those amazing gemstones.

But understated and sober are the keywords to keep in mind when shopping for accessories. Small studs and earrings, beautiful bracelets and stylish pendants will go a long way in making you look stylish without going over the top.

Also, invest in handbags that are simple, stylish and sophisticated. Dangling charms, straps and other embellishments do not add to the look of an expensive handbag. So ensure that you keep your accessories understated.

But there are times when chunky jewelry works. Attention-grabbing neck pieces take eyes away from a heavy bust and can also make a plain top look dressy and elegant. Make sure that there are no competing pieces of chunky accessories that will make your look chaotic and confused.

  • Store Clothes Right

Properly stored and looked after clothes last for a long time. Ensure you have clean, moth-free and nice-smelling storage space.

Hang clothes on quality and durable hangers. This will keep your outfits wrinkle-free and in shape. There are custom hangers available for each garment type which makes closet organization easy. Slim-Line hangers from Only Hangers allow you to hang clothes closely together and the velvet coating on the hangers prevent clothes from slipping and falling off. Invest in good quality and well-made hangers to ensure that your clothes do not crumple and lose shape when stored.

Proper storage is key to having well-fitting clothes, so do not ignore it.

You can also consider having the hang bars in your closet elevated by a few notches to prevent clothes from dragging on the floor and gathering dust.


The old saying goes that clothes maketh a man/woman, but it is well-fitting clothes that actually make all difference to the appearance of the wearer. Ensure that you spend on good quality fabrics, sophisticated cuts and great tailoring. Well-made clothes are as good as expensive designer stuff any day, so give fit topmost priority the next time you are out shopping for new clothes.


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