Top Six Style Tricks on How to Wear Your Coloured Tights Right

Do you often find coloured tights a little bit intimidating, especially in very public places? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Colourful tights can make an amazing effect and really create an outfit, but you need to know well how to wear them and what to combine them with. Read on about our top six tips on how to style this piece of apparel with confidence and once you begin wearing them that way, you will soon discover that they aren’t scary at all!


1. Matching Colours in Your Entire Outfit

You may have come across those makeup experts who advise not to match your eyeshadow with your outfit. However, did you ever consider matching your outfit with your tights? For instance, if you are wearing a dress coloured with subtle shades of rose, coral, red or even pink, have you ever tried on a pair of tights that matches the rose shading? Just check it out today – it can really be a spectacular look!

2. Choosing the Right Shoes

If you want your shoes to go well with the rest of your outfit, more so when wearing tights, avoid being too outlandish with them. Instead of patterned ones, the best option is to actually stick to a solid colour. Most of the time, black will work, however, don’t fear to experiment with other styles as long as there is good complementary between your coloured shoes and your tights!

Coloured Leggings
3. Pair Your Bright Tights with Other Patterns

Most coloured and bright tights look fantastic if they are paired with other patterns. For example, combining a pair of red tights with a tartan skirt or plaid dress is a great idea. However, you don’t have to go for the “common” suggestions. Be bold enough to experiment your own combinations. Even polka dots, pinstripes or other wilder, crazier pattern can match if combined with an appropriate pair of coloured tights. Try out new ideas!

4. Tights and Shorts

While some people find this combination a little bit controversial, some will consider it outright trashy. But nobody really said that all outfits will work for all people. Go for the pairing that looks good with your body and your personal style. Use your best judgment and find a combination you yourself feel best in.

5. Don’t Fear Taking It to Work

Some people are very weary of wearing coloured tights to work. However, there is nothing to really scare you here as long as you don’t overdo it. As long as the bright colours on your to-work tights are not too outlandish, feel free to experiment. For instance, you can pair your conservative suit with matching coloured tights and still remain as official as anyone can get in the office. Teal and a slate grey are two of great shades you can try out here.

Coloured Leggings 5

6. Invest in the Layered Look

Layer it up. The layered look can never get old and tights are emerging as one of the best ways you can rock this particular fashion style, more so those that are vibrantly and brightly coloured. Avoid wearing too straight outfits in this case, otherwise you may risk looking a little too solid. Having too much of one colour or less than enough textures is not a very appealing look to most people, especially if you want your fashion and dressing to “speak” for you by itself!

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Images #1 and 3 via Boohoo and #2 and 4 via TopShop
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