TIF’s Pantone of the Month: Serenity

Toronto-Is-Fashion-Pantone-Color-Serenity (2)

Summer is all about airy textiles to keep you cool in our hot Toronto weather. What could be more airy than the sky? This is why we are so in love with our very first Pantone of the Month – Serenity!

Toronto-Is-Fashion-Pantone-Color-Serenity (3)This summer, we have been seeing a lot of this tranquil yet whimsical colour. In fact, doesn’t this colour look a lot like the colour of Cinderella’s ball gown?

Toronto-Is-Fashion-Pantone-Color-Serenity (4)From nails to purses, Serenity is truly our favourite colour of the season.

Toronto-Is-Fashion-Pantone-Color-Serenity (1)

Toronto-Is-Fashion-Pantone-Color-Serenity (5)

Toronto-Is-Fashion-Pantone-Color-Serenity (6)

How are you wearing Toronto Is Fashion’s Pantone of the Month?

Grayce Yuen

Grayce is a seasoned writer with a love for make-up, succulents, dessert and adorable toy poodles. Originally from Calgary, Grayce now calls Toronto home. Follow her on Instagram @moussetaco for all things food.

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