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When I think of summer, my mind wanders to golden beaches, visits to fruit farms and cottage weekends on the lake so it’s no wonder our TIF scents of the summer contain hints of citrus mixed with sweet or sultry notes and the wonderful aromas of the ocean. These scents are bound to keep you daydreaming about swimming in the Mediterranean ocean or reminiscing the smell of a sweet summer orchard.

Mediterranean_Honeysuckle_by_AERIN_Toronto_Is_FashionImage: Sephora

Mediterranean Honeysuckle by AERIN

I cannot begin to tell you how DELICIOUS this scent smells. With sweet notes of honeysuckles and the citrons of grapefruit and mandarin oranges, this scent transports you to the quaint patio of a blooming garden in the countryside.

Lemon Drop by Nest Citrine
FRESH is the first word that comes to mind when I smell this fragrance. But not fresh like men’s body wash – fresh like the smell of air dried linens basking in the sun. Nothing beats putting on a freshly washed shirt air dried outside with that lingering sun soaked smell – except this dewy botanical essence!


Tom Ford Soleil Blanc - Toronto Is FashionImage: Sephora

Soleil Blanc by Tom Ford
Inspired by the vacation habits of the rich and famous, Soleil Blanc (literally meaning “Sun-White”) is THE smell of a summer yacht party without the aftermath. This luxurious smell “wraps a bouquet of white florals in a golden, amber-sandalwood embrace”. How Tom Ford!

 Source: Sephora

Flower Market by Maison Marin Margiela

I’ve never called a scent beautiful before but that is probably the word that most accurately describes this scent – beautiful. This rosey, sophisticated fragrance is reminiscent of walking through a flower market with artfully arranged bouquets freshly cut on a sunny summer afternoon. Nothing says summer more than perusing through a flower market!

Grayce Yuen

Grayce is a seasoned writer with a love for make-up, succulents, dessert and adorable toy poodles. Originally from Calgary, Grayce now calls Toronto home. Follow her on Instagram @moussetaco for all things food.

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