Style Guide : Thinking outside the shoe box

I need clothing that keeps up with my lifestyle.

One minute I might be sitting on a park bench, enjoying a scenic view, and the next I could be running along Toronto’s beautiful waterfront. While I like to look good, I don’t like to wear anything that is too constricting or too serious. I need to be free to move.Top-Fashion-Blog-in-Canada-a (4)

It’s always been my motto that you should wear the clothes, the clothes shouldn’t wear you.

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While I would say I am a ‘jeans and t-shirt’ kind of guy, I wouldn’t necessarily say my fashion sense is boring. I like to incorporate one or two things into my look that showcase my personality; I like to have fun, laugh and be active. My look is always a merge of style and lifestyle.

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I had to get these Vans from the Nintendo collaboration. A throw back to the days me and my older brother would spend hours playing the video games, a sibling rivalry for the top score and exclusive use of the one working controller. The collection incorporated all the nostalgia from the 80’s and 90’s.

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Top-Fashion-Blog-in-Canada-a (3)I’ve been a huge fan of high-top sneakers since….well, since forever, and I really like the print of the shoes and the hidden details. With good shoes, the subtle details can take your outfit from extra-ordinary to extraordinary. Now, all I have to do is hide these from my older brother.

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Feeling inspired? Shoes available at Union Jack Boots. T-Shirt & Jeans from Forever 21.

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  1. This is really bad copywriting. Very amateurish and cliched. “I need clothing that keeps up with my lifestyle.” Really? What does that even mean?
    “One minute I might be sitting on a park bench, enjoying a scenic view, and the next I could be running along Toronto’s beautiful waterfront.” This is just awful. Nobody lives like this and how it relates to fashion is highly dubious. I also would not describe Toronto’s waterfront as beautiful. Improving is more accurate. And who is the dude in the photos? Is he someone “Canadian/Toronto” famous –i.e. locally well known? If you want someone to aspire to be as fashionably hip as the copy seems to want to encourage the reader to become, then at least give a brief bio of who the person is, even if it is not someone famous. Give them something to relate to. The article is written in the first person but nary an attribute to be found.

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